Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's Just, a Little Crush...

I'm taking a science class this semester.  I've been thinking about a career change and have been taking pre-requisite classes for nursing.  I sometimes wonder why I inflict the pain that is school on myself when I already have an education, a good job, and promising career.

Back on topic, I have this big crush on my lab partner.  He's tall, dark, handsome, bright, a little soft spoken, and seems genuinely kind.  And, he's married with kids.  I know that marriage and kids doesn't mean anything about a persons sexual attractions.  However, it is a pretty good indicator.

The bigger problem is that if there wasn't a ring, wife, family, the situation wouldn't be much different for me.  I don't exactly have gaydar.  And it's not exactly wise or even safe to start flirting with some guy in class that you've developed a bit of a crush on.

So, if anyone has encountered this problem before, and have some break through advice on how to gage the sexuality of a person, I'd love to hear.... for the next time I develop an innocent crush and want to test the waters.


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