Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Circling the Wagons

So, I think I'm going to go to the conference.  I'm having soo many nerves about it however.  It will be my first time to be amongst a group of gay people and their supporters since the time I came out to my family a few months ago.  If you happen to see a bald guy that's feeling totally out of his element, that would be me : ).  Come say "hi'.

So, my family knows I'm gay.  So the question is now what?  The hat is out of the bag.  I need to meet people and I know that requires effort on my part but the few attempts I've made online have not led in the direction I've been looking.  I have pictured in my mind dinner, movie, maybe a small peck on the lips afterwards if things go well.  The guys online are looking for sex, and sex a plenty.  Wow.  So any advice on how a person can actually meet people in person or online without sex being the main focus? I should also mention that I live in Utah County...  oh the challenges that brings. 

Well, Just wanted to state that I was going to the conference and I hope to meet some of my fellow bloggers along the way.  Hope you all have sweet dreams and a great day tomorrow.


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  1. From all of us over at Mormon Stories, so excited to hear you will be joining us! We are doing our best to make sure it is a meaningful and memorable event. Most importantly, you will be among friends.